DockATot, Is it worth it??

I remember being pregnant and knowing I wanted the DockATot for my baby boy. Well for various reasons I wasn’t able to get it. Any who I don’t want to bore you with those reasons, Because this is about the Dock right??

I was lucky enough to get the DockATot Grand (perfect for 9-36months) for baby boy and I will be forever grateful. He is now 18 months and this is so perfect for him to cuddle in, read books and so on…. daddy fell asleep in it the day it arrived (I’m serious).

The Dock Grand is Huge!!! And in my opinion perfect. My son loved it the moment he saw it straight to inspecting it lol. I cannot wait to use this to help him transition to a toddler bed. I feel like this is going to be perfect in helping him feel secure. Once that day comes I will give you guys and update.

We’ve brought this along with us on trips and such so he can sleep/nap on and it’s made our lives so much easier. It’s a hit when we take it to grandmas all the grandkids try and fight over it😅, I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign right.

So if you’ve been thinking about this… GET IT! You will now regret it one bit. When baby number 2 comes around I will for sure get the one that is perfect for newborns. This makes a great baby shower gift, Christmas gift or just a gift for yourself and baby. As a first time mom we try to find the best and invest in the best items that are going to be useful for along time and are worth it. And this right here is Worth it!

*This DockATot was sent to me.


Morning Skin Prep

How do you prepare your skin for makeup? Do you use just moisturizer? or Do you just apply makeup without preparing your skin?

I don’t have a fancy Skin prep routine, but the products I use really help my skin feel and look pretty good!

So I thought I share with you the products I have been loving to prep my skin for makeup application.

(I have DRY/ Sensitive skin)

I start by washing my face with the Tatcha Deep Cleanse. After I spray my face with the Evian Facial Spray to get everything started. You can use any spray but I rediscovered this one and so I have been using it. It’s amazing and at an amazing price. Let that dry for a bit then go in with the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. I use it different ways depending on my mood or my skin. But most days I use it for under my eyes, I apply a pretty thick layer and let it soak in good before I apply anything else. Then once thats all soaked into my skin a apply my Belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer (so good!). Last I apply the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask, Yes you can use it During the day too! Use products any way you want, just because something says Daytime or Nighttime doesn’t mean you can only use them Day or Night.

Thats it!! All done. Now we wait a little before applying makeup:)  Yay!