Gucci Marmont matelassé leather super mini bag RAFFLE

Hello Everyone So a few days ago I posted that I wanted to do a Gucci Raffle. I thought this would be a great idea for those who always wanted a luxury item but just can’t buy it. If you are lucky enough you can win this Gucci Mini Bag for just $30. How cool is that?

This bag right here. I will purchase straight from Gucci and will sent it out to you:) 476433_DSVRT_5729_001_090_0000_Light-GG-Marmont-matelass-leather-super-mini-bag.jpg


Here are the Rules.

There are 50 Spots each spot is $30. You can enter more than once. Payments should be sent via PAYPAL Friends & Family. (if you they are not friends and family I will send back the payment).

My paypal email is

If you do not win YOU DO NOT GET A REFUND. 

When you send the money in the Notes you have to add a number  you want in the raffle. Number has to be 1-50. And add you Instagram name if you want.


I will post winner on another blog post.


Good Luck to all who enter!

I will hopefully have another Raffle if all goes well. Maybe Chanel or Louis Vuitton. Let me know.

If all $50 spots don’t sell I will refund whoever sent a payment.


Thank You.

sandra (1)


Luxury Raffle Who wants in??

gucci raffle.jpg

It will be $30 per spot, and 50 Spots will be available. No refunds if you don’t win. PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE THROUGH PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY. In the notes section you will add you name and the number you want.




Please Leave me a comment if you are interested:) 



sandra (1)