Thursday Jewelry Picks

Every week I browse the Sheila Fajl page and look for items that I am currently eyeing.


All of these items are under $100.

manu earrings.jpg3 star choker $40.jpgtess graffiti tassel earrings.jpgEverybody's Favorite Hoop Earrings 73.jpgsea shell choker 45.jpgsandra (1)


Best Macarons? My trip to Ladurée

I have been a fan of Macarons for a long time, I remember them being very hard to find here in SoCal, they were only available in certain locations. Now I feel like they are available everywhere!

So I’m not a professional food blogger or whatever but I know what I like! And I love food! I mean who doesn’t?

I’ve heard of this place Ladurée Paris for a few years now all the cool bloggers always go here and me in reality I don’t think I’ll go to Paris anytime soon lol. Maybe, who knows.

Anywho these are knows to be some Good tasting Macarons. I have tried a few Macarons in my life and I can compare them most places offer the same flavors and such. But the taste, textures and quality are totally different.

So I was so excited when I heard they were opening a Ladurée Paris here in SoCal.

And Let me tell you… I was not dissapointed (heart eyes emoji lol)

I went to the Ladurée Paris at The Grove in Los Angeles.

It was so beautiful! Just like I imagined it would be. I wish I could actually ate there but I had to take them to go.

Just look at how cute it is from the outside

And inside is like a bloggers dream. It’s just so cute!

Okay so it is a little exxxxpensive. But in my opinion worth it. I think it’s a very nice treat. I’m hoping next time I can actually try food from the menu and not just the Macarons.

They were delicious by the way. I’m not good with describing tastes so all I’m going to say is they were delicious!

I got the box of 6 which is $21

That make them about $3.50, a little pricey if you ask me. But like I said before it’s a nice treat:).

Anyways you’ve made it to the end.

Thank you and I’ll see you on my next post.

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