Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette



Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Any chocolate lover would love this palette;)

Yes this palette actually smells like yummy chocolate almost good enough to eat! But don’t!

Gorgeous shade.

Like many other palettes the names are not on the palette they are just on the plastic that protects your eyeshadows when you first purchase it. I actually taped mine on the mirror of the palette because I don’t really use the mirrors included in the palettes.






3 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

  1. I know everyones telling you different things about the Chanel number 2 brush,but I promise you it is super soft and it’s worth the money the older brushes were not really good quality but the New brushes with the silver barrels are very soft and excellent quality I also have the blush brush and it to is very soft I don’t know why people are saying that this brush is scratchy because it is not I bought one for myself and 3 other ones for my mom and sisters and they were all super soft and excellent quality,…my Instagram name is iamthemim4nik.

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